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Yorkshire Rocking Horse Repair

For antique rocking horse repair in Yorkshire, you can call on the services of expert repairer, JFD Rocking Horses Yorkshire. In local repair workshops, these Yorkshire rocking horse restorers provide first class repair and repairs. An established Yorkshire rocking horse maker, JFD is nowadays mostly known for Yorkshire rocking horse repair.

With many years of experience, this Yorkshire rocking horse restorer brings considerable expertise to the craft of renovation, refurbishment and repair, including replacing manes and tails with real horsehair, and fitting high quality leather saddles, bridles and complete tack to all types of antique wooden rocking horses including Ayres, Lines and Collinson.

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Rocking Horse Repair

Rocking horse repair is provided for Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Newcastle, Nottingham, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Merseyside, Lancashire. Our antique rocking horse repair area includes Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, North Wales. So, although we are considered by many to be the foremost antique rocking horse repairers in Yorkshire, we will be pleased to hear from you even if your rocking horse lives elsewhere. A collection and return service is available across a wide area.

East Yorkshire Rocking Horse Repair

Our Humberside rocking horse repair work mainly covers wooden rocking horses - antique, vintage and modern - though some specialist renovation of Pegasus plush rocking horses is provided. Those seeking us out for wooden antique rocking horse repairs in Hull and Humberside have a variety of horses of all types, sizes and ages.

North Yorkshire Rocking Horse repair

Our North Yorkshire rocking horse repair service repairs horses from Harrogate, York, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Teesside and across the Pennines. We specialise in restoring, repairing and renovating for North Yorkshire owners, and our repair service extends to Durham, Tyne and Wear, Newcastle rocking horse repair and Cumbria rocking horse repair too. We repair wooden and fur fabric rocking horses throughout the North of England.